What is RethinkApparel?

RethinkApparel is an idea of decreasing the huge amount of waste from the fashion industry. Our background in Durable Rain and workwear textiles has tourght us how to make clothes live longer – and extending the live of our clothes is one of the best things we can do to make the world a better place for future generations. 

Textiles is the fifth highest industry measured for greenhouse emissions in the EU, we see that as a huge problem.

RethinkApparel is the idea of the most honest apparelbrand in the EU (and probably in the whole world). We know that textiles are not sustainable in any way. The best laternative to be sustainable is to lower the impact, and if that is your mission, RethinkApparel is your friend on that adventure. 

Why RethinkApparel?

26 kg. / person / year

That is how much textile an average EU citizen buy’s. We discard on average 11 kg of clothes. You can read more about our consumption her.

Public interest

There is a public interest in leasing, sharing, take-back and resale solutions of textiles. Read more about the interest in new business models here.

Consumer interest

Consumers in general, are willing to pay for “sustainability” the textile area lacks solid solutions though. Read more about what consumers want here.

The mission

Delivering simple, durable and used garments to consumers with a wish for minimizing the overall consumption

The Sustainable garment is a fairytale

Unfortunately, it is not possible to manufacture anything in a sustainable way. The whole problem is that we are producing. Nothing can be made without using the earth’s resources and a lot of manmade junk.

What we can do is to reduce the resources in production, but more effectively, we believe, we can extend the lives of our products and you as a consumer can buy less products.

How it works

Production meets demand

We produce your items after getting your order, in this way we reduce to the lowest level of waste possible for a textile production.

Cunsomption meets insentives

Send back your used RethinkApparel to us, the more used the products are, the more stars you get in our books – Stars will give you discount on our products as the only thing.

Reuse meets resale

We sell your used RethinkApparel to a new happy consumer, by giving it new life we extend the usage of resouces.

RethinkApparel with us...

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How is RethinkApparel honest?

We know that the sustainable garment is a fairytale, and we believe that most productions must be kept at a minimum. However, we also understand that to run a succesfull business there must be compromised, our compromise is directly involved with the invironment, which is why we will do what we can to extend the life of anything we need to run RethinkApparel. We only purchase used furntiture, computers and office equipment. Even through we are a business.

We dare to have expectations to you as a customer, that means we try to make you think before buying more products from us – even through we know you can easily go in next door and buy all you want, and even get discounts for buying more. We consider this a competetive advantage because most business is too dependent on you to buy more from them.

In short…

  • We don’t preach “Sustainability”, we believe in a “good behavior”
  • We tell you the Co2 emission on every product, and we estimate the most realistic not the best looking numbers
  • Our products are made in Aisa, meaning transportation Emissions are high compared to EU productions. This is a choice we made because we believe we can increase the living conditions of people making our products.
  • We practically own our production (Through our mother company.
  •  We use Simple Analytics, we don’t track you, not that we don’t care about you, but we respect your privacy.
  • But you can subscribe to our newsletter…
  • We don’t sell a “ecological T-shirt”, we tell you how much of the resources used in our products are ecological.

The RethinkApparel progress

Business idea development
Taking form
Product development
Still in progress
Gathering team
Designing website
Need for professionals...
Market research
Finding lternatives and good ideas
Trusting idea
There is a need and request in market.


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